Easter is coming!

Since our childhood, decorating the traditional chocolate eggs and devouring chocolate Easter bunnies have always been a big part of our Easter celebrations.

This year we want to take distance from tradition and celebrate this festival with a touch of humor and simplicity.

antipod discovered for you the new trends for Easter 2017. Creative packaging, imagination, and attention to detail, all contribute to the success of our brand new chocolaty proposals!

#1/3 Easter Break: Chocolate with personality

#2/3 Easter Break: Chocolate adventures


#3/3 Easter is here!

Easter 2017 is around the corner and Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, takes us in the countryside, where his beautiful chocolate artworks come alive.

With its incredible chocolate works, this year La Maison du Chocolat sparks extraordinary creativity and vibrant sensations for the eyes and palate.

Meet Miss Vache, Mister Mouton, Mademoiselle Plume, and Monsieur Lapin.


At La Maison du Chocolat, everything is hand made with great professionalism and commitment. Thus, chocolate and other confectionery goods are produced every day to delight customers and spread good humor.

Want to make this Easter even more special? La Maison du Chocolat knows how to realize your sweet desires.

Easter farm animals are already at liberty, let’s catch them all!

@LaMaisonduChocolat makes you discover the wonderful and delicious chocolate creations on the official Instagram page. You cannot resist these delicacies!