It is tea time on a freezing Sunday in London. My friend Lara Buffard is wearing a huge golden coat, tons of glitter and jewelry, plus a mountain of pink bigoudis topped up by a tiny royal crown. The “Queen of Nothing”, as she pretends to be, is organising a surrealist “tea & buns” at Queens Arms, a vintage pub transformed into a strange world of fake cupcakes, huge teapots, extravagant hats and old dolls. At 3 o’clock, Lara welcomes 15 art performers who discover the venue and meet each others. One hour later, they open the door to a unique mix of magical guests. Helena and her sumptuous hat, Bryanne and his white wings, the colourful fashion designer Sophie Cochevelou and her Barbie dolls… They are all part of the magics, offering their curiosity and sparking joy.

Mirabelle the contortionist is jumping out of Lara’s coat, interacting with Franck the violinist, followed by the hilarious Mister Nutcraker, the “King of More”…. We are immersed into a 3 hours session of amazing, crazy and extraordinary acts. Musicians, poets, dansers, actors, magicians improvise and make us feel part of their universe of emotional intensity. It is tea time in London, and I will never forget that one: a tea & buns ceremony that brings a beautiful tribute to a word of self-expression, genuine creation, love and sharing. I feel at the heart of creative freedom. 

Sylvie Rottmeier | Lady Burton