Easter is coming!

Since our childhood, decorating the traditional chocolate eggs and devouring chocolate Easter bunnies have always been a big part of our Easter celebrations.

This year we want to take distance from tradition and celebrate this festival with a touch of humor and simplicity.

antipod discovered for you the new trends for Easter 2017. Creative packaging, imagination, and attention to detail, all contribute to the success of our brand new chocolaty proposals!

#1/3 Easter Break: Chocolate with personality

#3/3 Easter is here!


#2/3 Easter Break: Chocolate adventures

What could be better than reading a good book while enjoying some tasty chocolate?

Thanks to Lapp & Fao, chocolate becomes a book to be written!

Designed by Studio Chapeaux, the chocolate bar packaging tells the story of the master chocolatiers Linvard Bo Lapp and Ephraim Fao. Passionate travelers, they tell their stories by writing a journal after an adventure around the world.

Every book houses a chocolate bar, which is flavored with unique tastes from different countries all over the world.

The chronicles of the two travelers have become inspirations and the right packaging for their chocolate that will take you far away at first bite.

The creativity and hunger for adventures of the two gourmet cosmopolitans do not stop here, and so that chocolate becomes also a postcard sent to you with love.

The tasty chocolate, housed in this beautiful packaging inspired by classic, vintage postcards, can be ordered on Lapp & Fao online shop.

With their unique Chocolate Books and Chocolate Postcards, Lapp & Fao will take you on a journey to discover their crafted chocolate made with the finest and freshest ingredients.

Pineapple, ginger, cherries, chili, candied olives…choose the most adventurous and delicious flavor, and send a sweet souvenir to your loved ones!