Easter is coming!

Since our childhood, decorating the traditional chocolate eggs and devouring chocolate Easter bunnies have always been a big part of our Easter celebrations.

This year we want to take distance from tradition and celebrate this festival with a touch of humor and simplicity.

antipod discovered for you the new trends for Easter 2017. Creative packaging, imagination, and attention to detail, all contribute to the success of our brand new chocolaty proposals!

#2/3 Easter Break: Chocolate adventures

#3/3 Easter is here!


#1/3 Easter Break: Chocolate with personality

The chocolate choice? It depends on the personality!

Creativity and customization are the protagonists of the amazing work made by Brandhouse and Bessermachen DesignStudio.

The graphic design studio gives the line of “Coca Luxury Chocolate” an innovative brand personality and creative packaging design.

The result? A chocolate box characterized by a minimal package and consisting of twelve smaller different packets that come in a delectable flavor and represent a specific personality.

Every little box contains chocolate with a specifically selected taste that fits each archetype.

Because of the highly individual personality and appearance, each little box comes in its own color and with a famous quote.

How do you feel today? Quite an Adventurer to take a journey of discovery with coconut, white chocolate, and exotic fruits? Or rather a Hero brave enough to try a powerful dark chocolate with peppermint?

They are all so beautiful and delicious, you will want to change personality at least six times in an hour!



Bessermachen shows its passion for design on social networks like Instagram (@bessermachen), where posts associated with quotes such as “Life is like a box of chocolate” have great impact.