Collaboratio Helvetica is simultaneously a platform, a community, an organisation, a laboratory and a movement. Today, they are a growing community of co-creators of various backgrounds, united by a common mission to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), regenerating the Swiss culture of collaboration.

antipod is collaborating with Collaboratio Helvetica to develop a strong brand identity, that reflects the concept and unique approach of the organisation towards collaboration and sustainable solutions.



We first conceived a responsive logotype, developing a visual identity inspired by the fusion of meaningful symbols.


Collaboratio Helvetica’s main icon is made from a combination of basic geometric shapes, that can be combined and recombined in an unlimited number of patterns. We hence created a unique alphabet of design elements which expresses the brand attributes of sharing, exploring, creating and shaping solutions.

When applying those patterns on nature imagery, we express the inspirational and visionary ambition of Collaboration Helvetica: regenerating the Swiss culture of collaboration.

The elementary geometric shapes of the brand symbol are intrinsically linked with nature, where organic movement and growth are the essence of life.



The brand visual toolbox is completed with icons for the strategic pillars.


Collaboratio Helvetica teams are equipped with a brand & graphical chart, document templates and a declination of supports which will ensure brand recognition and support building a strategic image.

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